Rapid Travel Rewards - Deceitful liars

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This company is full of it.They contacted us regarding a "gift" of airline tickets.

When we called them they said it was a gift for listening to a 90 minute presentation. We set up the appointment after they "made sure we qualified" but happened to "forget" that we had to have a major credit card and NOT a credit card attached to a debit to qualify. My CHILDREN now believe that we get to take a vacation to the beach, but no such luck because this BS company cheated us all out of it. The representative I spoke with was rude and immature, and flat out refused to look into the matter.

We even had to call a second number to confirm and NONE of these people happened to mention that it couldn't be a debit card.

I even made reference to it being our BANKCARD when I was on the phone with them.I should've checked with the BBB before I ever let these people utter one word.


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Be thankful you didn't waste your time and have to listen to Pedro babble for 90 minutes and wait for them to process nothing for an hour.They just make you wait so they can try to push the travel club on you some more if you don't want it.

All you get is a generic form that you fill out at home and send in with a $4.95 money order, only to receive a voucher that you must send in with a $100 money order, then you get a form to fill out to place the date and destination of where you're going, and good luck with that because the date you choose will probably be denied. Then at the airport you'll be paying another $59 per ticket processing fee, tax, and service fee. If your flight has a transfer on the way that's another fee. I never went past the $4.95 form cuz when I got the next one I started to ask around.

And they didn't even ask us for a credit card even though they said over the phone that we needed one. I also read somewhere that a few people that did give them their card number had like $10 taken from their account every month. It's a trap. I want to punch Pedro in the face.

Go to Expedia cuz if you book in advance it will be cheaper and no hassle.

Free tickets my ***!:(

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